Facebook tips for your business

May 20 2016

Facebook tips for your business

Do you already have a Facebook page or are you still to venture into social media? Here are some great tips for your business to make the most out of your social media efforts.



Make sure you opening hours and contact details are up to date.

It always helps to create a great and recognisable page cover photo and to change it regularly to keep your page fresh. Facebook cover photo dimensions are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall.  Why not integrate a ‘Call to Action’ in your cover photo like a Hashtag #yourbusinessname or your Call us now on 1300 xxx?

Fill out your ‘About us’ section on Facebook to give the customer the opportunity to get to know your company better and what experience they might have with you. A brief yet descriptive copy works best, i.e. what make you the right workshop for the customers.

These seem little details, but it lets visitors know you are actively ‘taking care of business’ online and in the workshop.

Regular Posts

Regular updates with specials, news, how-to, FAQs or how your business solved a customer’s problem keep your business top of mind to customers. Make sure to keep it interesting and relevant to your audience.

Create content that engagesiphone facebook

As a consumer yourself you know what is interesting and engaging. Follow the same principle for your Facebook page. Are your followers sharing your content or liking specific posts or using the coupons/specials you promote on Facebook? This gives you a good indication if your posts are in fact captivating.

Mix it up

Take photos of your staff, products or services. Or why not not make a short video clip? Everyone enjoys nice imagery and what they can expect when having their vehicle serviced at your workshop. It is important to have a variety of content types on your Facebook page.

Create Specials

Offer your customers even more value when referring to a Facebook offer. Create value add or give offer a discount to every customer who mentions your Facebook page when making a booking or a purchase with you. You can read up on how to create automated offers here.

Boost it

Trial to boost your adverts or promotions on Facebook to reach a wider audience within your geographic target market. It will help you build your own fan base with a positive flow-on effect in the future. You are able to geo-target and select your audience parameters like gender and age. Facebook offers boosts at a very low price. It is certainly worth a trial.

Timing is everything

Trial different times and frequencies to post. The post frequency and time can be an important factor to get the most out of your posts. Sometimes you will find higher engagement and reach numbers on a particular week day or time.

Be responsive

Don’t forget to regularly respond to messages and comments. You can see comments in the ‘notifications’ tab on the top of your page. You don’t necessarily have to respond or interact with every comment, but make sure you answer your messages, inquiries and monitor what is happening on your page.


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