Gas Stations of the 20s

Jan 20 2016

Gas Stations of the 20s

The place is a Texaco Gasoline Filling Station (primarily they filled gas tanks). But what is that contraption with the ramps? The mechanism appears to be driven by the cars wheels. Hydraulic lines go to that can with a raised top. What could it be? A pump for lubing a car’s under parts? The little sign does say “Havoline” which was Texaco s brand name for its oil products. An early engine dynamo-meter? Maybe it’s a primitive car wash. Any guesses?


I guess there was no signage limitations back then.I count eleven Texaco signs on that station.


Land wasn’t at a premium then like it is now. Note the wide open layout and the nice row of little trees. This was a Texaco Gasoline Motor Oil Service Station.



Lehman’s Tire Shop, Barney Oldfield tires only $9.99 each. Sounds kind of expensive to me. Note the water can by the side of the road and the barricades around the trees. I guess people just drove up on the sidewalk to get their tires and the trees were in the way.
Four Wheel Drive Autos sales and service. The SUV’s of the 20’s
The first high rise car park.
Some pretty basic cars in this picture.
Towing service
Before the hoist came along.
How amazingly has the technology evolved…. breathtaking!


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