Park your car with your mobile phone

Jul 09 2015

Park your car with your mobile phone

Jaguar’s Range Rover has raised the bar with the ‘Multi-Point-Turn’ System!

It allows to remotely control the vehicle without sitting behind the steering wheel. The operator is able to break, accelerate and steer with a remote control option. Jaguar Land Rover considers this innovation the first step to autonomous driving.

It is not only created for parking, but also to drive around obstacles. The speed is limited to 6.5 kilometres per hour for the remote control function.

The BMW 7 Series offers similar functionality, but the user has to stand in the front of the vehicle. ange rover remote control

It is an interesting technology, but still a while away from true autonomous driving.

The Israeli company Mobileye has developed a system controlling the vehicle with an auto-pilot. It accelerates automatically, breaks and overtakes. It stops at a red light and accelerates at a green light. They are planning to mass produce this month.

Mobileye claims that this system will cost the car manufactures between 100 to 400 Euros. In comparison the autonomous Google vehicle costs around 150,000 Euros. Mobileye has only one single camera communicating with a highly complex software. Mobileye claims to have more capabilities than radar. A camera can not only measure distances, but understand surroundings like a driver. It can not only avoid collisions, but also recognise traffic lights and even read traffic signs.

However lanes are the next challenge for Mobileye. They are now working with three cameras and radars expecting to launch in 2016.

Since break systems have been introduced international statistics show significantly reduced collision rates. Insurances certainly like this development and it is now standard in most new vehicles.

Thinking about how fast these developments and innovations are moving ahead, your workshop will see these new technologies coming through for service and repair.

Will you be prepared?


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