The Future of Oilchange

Oct 21 2015

The Future of Oilchange

Changing oil can be a messy business and a somewhat antiquated process.

Castrol now has developed this new innovation – Nexcel.

Castrol is trying to ‘revolutionise’ oil changing with this system which reminiscent of printer cartridges or a ‘Nespresso’ capsule. These ‘oil cartridges’ including oil filter can be changed in 90 seconds instead of the 20 minutes an oil change usually takes.

Saving Oil and Petrol

According to Castrol this new system allows the old oil 100% recyclable. If all cars worldwide were equipped with Nexcel it would save more than 200,000 fuel truck loads new oil per year.

Another advantage of this system would be the in-built electronics measuring oil quality and usage. This means the oil dosage can be targeted to the engine requirements. The main advantage is right after ignition, with smaller dispensed oil warm up times are shorter and therefore petrol usage and CO2 Emission.

Castrol has tested the Nexcel system in the lab on a variety of engines, ranging from 3 cylinder city cars to powerful racing cars. Castrol says: ‘We have increased oil supply to up to 600 litres per minute, which is 10 – 20 times higher than in normal engines’.

Castrol now has to convince the manufacturers to integrate this system into their engine and vehicle designs, which is estimated to take up to 5 years, which is about the length of time between major model changes for many car makers.

The premiere was with the Vulcan racing car from Aston Martin.  You can check out the video here.

It is unclear how it will affect the repair industry with consumers possible being able to change oil themselves.

Well most conventional cars with a sump are not tested with this system yes, so it seems mechanics will have to get their hands dirty for a little longer.

What is your opinion on this new innovation?



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