Top 10 Drives of your Life

Jan 08 2016

Top 10 Drives of your Life

The AASDN Crew certainly is a passionate about cars and driving. Everyone loves a good roadtrip.

Here our top 10 greatest driving roads in the world.

  1. Great Ocean Road, Australia: You can’t beat this beautiful country of ours. This amazing stretch of road in Victoria is certainly a ‘must drive’.

  2. Nürburgring, Germany: This is pure thrill and makes every motor enthusiasts heart beat faster. Germany is the destination for everything Automotive.

  3. White Rim Trail, Utha USA: One of the most spectacular 4WD routes in the world. A once in a lifetime driving adventure.

  4. Susten Pass, Switzerland: This road is so unique and dramatic that it closes from November to June. Take in the views of the glacier.

  5. Highway 1, California USA: What a classic! One of the most famous roads in the world. A road of endless summer!

  6. Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, USA: Watch the sunset while driving this amazing bridge.

  7. Col de Turini, France: A long series of challenging hairpin turns that winds up the side of the mountains of France.

  8. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China: The most remote of roads in this list. The history of this road is nothing but jawdropping. Read more.

  9. New Zealand West Coast of the South Island: Sub tropical rainforest in the north to glaciers and majestic landscapes in the south the West Coast offers something for everyone. More info.

  10. Trollstigen, Rauma, Norway: This narrow road with a steep incline of 10% and eleven hairpin bends up a steep mountainside is one of Scandinavia’s finest.






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