Ultimate Christmas Gifts for Car lovers

Dec 03 2015

Ultimate Christmas Gifts for Car lovers

We have compiled the ultimate petrol head gift list! Who wouldn’t love to find these gifts under the tree?


1. Cool Tool

How cool is that? Keep your tools and refreshments cool at all times wit this toolbox with integrated fridge. Cheers!



Source: Gastro Cool

2. FUEL: The Worlds Smallest Phone Charger

So handy to charge your phone ‘on the go’. Can’t live without it!

phone charger

Source: Amazon

3. Lego Ferrari

Lego is by far my uhm i mean my son’s favourite toy! Get in touch with your inner child.. it is so much fun doing Lego

leog ferrari


Source: Lego or any good Lego retailer

4. GoPro Hero

No Christmas list is complete without a cool gadget. And this is certainly the ultimate toy to capture your off road adventures.


Source: GoPro or any good electrical retailer

5. Motoring Magazine Subscription

A gift that keeps on giving… relax with the latest motoring magazine and then put it in your customer waiting area or staff lunch room to share the joy.

0008116_wheels_220 0008124_4x4-australia_220

Source: Magshop

6. Mechanic T-Shirt

Best dressed mechanic!

mechanic tshirttshirt


Source: Etsy and HardtoFind.com.au

7. Porsche 356 keyring & beech wood garage

Can’t quiet afford the real one in your garage? This keyring holder is not only cool, but also really practical.

porsche key

Source: HardtoFind.com.au

8. Motoring Books

Be inspired by some great car books or plan the ultimate road trip. Must readsĀ  like ‘Gasoline and Magic’ or the ‘And on That Bombshell – Inside the Madness and Genius of Top Gear’ are sure to be a hit at Christmas.

high-way-one ImageHandler.ashx the-fj-holdenspreads-gasoline-and-magicxs_11.-Bombshellbook-650-80

Source: Any good bookstore

9. Dash Cams

Capture every incidentĀ  with these cool dash cams… the latest trend.


Source: Any good electrical retailer

10. Classy cuff links

What a beautiful classy stocking filler


Source: Hardtofind.com.au

11. Logitech Driving Force for Playstation

The ultimate for every armchair racer…


Source: Logitech


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