Water instead of gasoline? Water injection technologies

Nov 25 2016

Water instead of gasoline? Water injection technologies

We have reported a lot about electric cars – it’s time to talk about this  petrol car technology from Bosch.

Bosch has done some research around gasoline inefficiencies. At higher speeds engines use some petrol for cooling instead of propulsion. Bosch came up with a new way to reduce fuel consumption by up to 13%* and reduce carbon emissions by four percent.

Bosch reports: “With our water injection, we show that the combustion engine still has some tricks up its sleeve,” says Dr. Rolf Bulander, chairman of the Bosch Mobility Solutions business sector and member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH. The fuel economy offered by this Bosch technology comes especially to the fore in three- and four-cylinder downsized engines: in other words, in precisely the kind of engines to be found under the hood of any average midsize car.**



“The basis of this innovative engine technology is a simple fact: an engine must not be allowed to overheat. To stop this happening, additional fuel is injected into nearly every gasoline engine on today’s roads. This fuel evaporates, cooling parts of the engine block. With water injection, Bosch engineers have exploited this physical principle. Before the fuel ignites, a fine mist of water is injected into the intake duct. Water’s high heat of vaporization means that it provides effective cooling.

This is also the reason only a small additional volume of water is needed: for every one hundred kilometres driven, only a few hundred millilitres are necessary. As a result, the compact water tank that supplies the injection system with distilled water only has to be refilled every few thousand kilometres at the most.

And if the tank should run empty, there is nothing to worry about: the engine will still run smoothly – albeit without the higher torque and lower consumption provided by water injection.” Bosch explains in it’s press release.

The separate water tank has to be refilled with distilled water every 3000 kilometres. This technology also does not rust the engine, as the water evaporates and does not stay in the combustion chamber.

So why is this innovation significant? The petrol engine has still a huge potential to evolve and room for improvement for innovations most industry engineers claim.
And Bosch is now bringing the BMW technology to other car brands. Colin Woodward from RoadandTracks.com says: “BMW’s hardcore, track-focused M4 GTS makes almost 500 horsepower thanks to a water-injection technology co-developed with Bosch. And compared to the 425 horsepower you get in the regular M4, that’s a pretty big increase.”

While water-injection technology isn’t necessarily new, being used in air craft technology and racing, it now is used to give engines more power and better fuel efficiency. And who isn’t interested in that?


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