Youtube for small business

Aug 24 2016

Youtube for small business

YouTube is big… no in fact YouTube is huge!

It is not only a place to watch funny cat videos – YouTube is an educational and entertainment platform, a social hub and sea of information for billions.

‘YouTube states that more than 400 hours of video was uploaded to the site per minute in 2015.

At over one billion users, YouTube has over a third of the entire population of the Internet as users.

You must have seen it (almost everyone else has!): Charlie, well, he bites. At 833,698,293 plays and rising, these two adorable brothers have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for that little moment. And they’re not even out of school yet!’*

Have you ever heard of PewDiePie?

This Swedish YouTuber makes $12 million simply by playing and commentating video games. His channel has reached over 12 billion (yes billion!) views. He has over 38 million subscribers. It is just mindboggling!

YouTube has generated a new breed of ‘influencers’ with very high levels of credibility. YouTube ‘stars’ seem more like real people and therefore are considered more trustworthy. And businesses have naturally jumped onto the bandwagon to have their products endorsed.

YouTube is well and truly on it’s way to extend it’s audience reach beyond that of normal television. The question is how you can use the power of YouTube for your business.

Whenever there is a conversation about social media, YouTube is often overlooked. YouTube however is fantastic in engaging your audience with relevant video content.

What are the benefits of YouTube for your business?

Demonstrate your expertise

The automotive aftermarket repair industry is a service industry. Customers are often unaware of the expertise and experience required to service and repair a car. YouTube videos allow your business to demonstrate your expertise.

Showcase a product

Show a product in action with a video clip. This is great for promotional purposes, but also allow your customer to see a product in action before they buy.

Solve a problem

Why not post a video on easy car care tips or give a tutorial on how your technician identified a particular problem.

A video can address frequently asked questions or help troubleshoot a problem. YouTube can also offer a solution to a common question. People are trying to find out answers to their car maintenance issues. And YouTube can show your business in action!

Showing off your business

Add some ‘action’ to your business image. Share some footage on how you are taking care of a customer vehicle. Showcase the tools and experts required to maintain modern vehicles.

How to Get Started

First you need to set up a YouTube account and then channel. Here is a handy step by step guide. You will also need a good camera. Mobile footage might be ok, but will it represent your business and brand adequately? Your business deserves high quality video and you will be able to use this camera to document worn parts or damages to vehicles for your customers reports.

What should I post on YouTube?

Think about your audience? Do you get a lot of 4WD customers? Why not post a product review on the latest 4WD gadgets? Do you mainly service family vehicles? Create a video on automotive family safety. Do you deal with a lot of business customers? Showcase a more problematic diagnostics problem. Make it seasonal? Why not make a video on air-conditioning and air filter when summer is approaching?

How can I engage my audience?

It won’t happen overnight. Promote it on your other social media pages and your website. Ask your audience for feedback and be responsive. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Also ask for comments on your videos. Read up on how to use titles and tags for your video to boost your SEO.

Make sure your videos are relevant and don’t be afraid to use your unique character and experience – a car repair or automotive part video doesn’t have to be boring. Be creative! Involve your apprentices!

More tips

YouTube can be a powerful tool for businesses. These tips will help you make the most of it.

Include a ‘call to action’

Don’t forget to prompt your audience to an action like ‘visit our website for more information’ or ‘share this video’ or ‘subscribe to our video channel’. You can always show them your business location or ask them to ‘simply call you’.


Be responsive

Like any social plattform, YouTube is interactive, with people rating videos and making comments. You have to monitor the comments and ratings and respond if necessary. If you are time is too tight to engage with your audience, simply turn off comments when you upload a video.

About my business

Include your logo and show your business from its best side with a nice clean work attire and tone and style of your video matches your business. Use YouTube to make it easy for customers to contact you. YouTube allows users to establish trust in your expertise and service levels even before they set foot into your business.

Consider showing testimonials of your happy customers. This can be a powerful tool.

Other Benefits

Using YouTube embedded in your website is a great booster in search engine optimisation. Make sure you tag your videos with keywords, so it’s easy to find when searching for content.

Promoting your videos on your Facebook page builds up reach and user engagement. Encourage your users to share your video.




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